The NFL's oldest superstar, Tom Brady, met up with one of the league's most promising rookies, DeAndre Hopkins JerseysDeshaun Watson, in a one-on-one quarterback summit after Wednesday's joint practice with the New England Patriots and Houston Texans."He's had such a great college career and got picked by a great team. So watching him play, he has a great future. He has all the ability and it was great to meet him," the 40-year-old Brady said. Jadeveon Clowney Jerseys"Pro football players watch a lot of college players because Saturday night we're at the hotel and Clemson was on a lot. Obviously they won a lot of big games. It was great to meet him."

Watson, 21, felt the same way.

"It's always good to be able to learn and watch a guy like Tom Brady, one of the best to ever do it -- see him in live practice and how he works," Watson said. "What we talked about, we kind of congratulated each other on all the success we've had and he had a little tip here and there on this league, Vince Wilfork Jerseysthis system and Coach [Bill O'Brien]. It was a good talk."

Asked what it meant to have that interaction with Brady, Watson added, "It's cool. It's a blessing to be in his presence and have that opportunity to learn from one of the best that's done it for a long time. Lamar Miller JerseysIt's always good to talk to him and be able to talk to him more down the road."

In the past, Brady has talked about watching other quarterbacks and marveling at their ability, J.J. Watt Jerseyssuch as the knack that Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson have to keep plays alive.